Monday, February 7, 2011

Lessons I learned from Hannah

This year in Young Women's we are focusing on a value a month. We found a great website which has a Woman from the Scriptures tied to each of the Young Women Values. The first one is Faith and I got to teach about Hannah from the Old Testament. I learned so much. I learned that having adversity strengthens our faith. I learned that it is not easy but the blessings will be great. I learned that we have to sacrifice in order to have our faith grow stronger. I learned that as we keep our covenants that our faith will grow stronger and that we will be blessed beyond measure. Hannah was an amazing woman and I am so glad that I was able to study her story and learn how I need to act when the trials and adversity comes into my life.

She actually reminds me of Great Grandma Morgan, Gertrude. She was humble and graceful and at peace no matter what she went through. At least that is how I always saw her. I was never around her much. We only saw them when they would come and visit which wasn't very often. But she was so loving and patient. I do remember that. I seemed to bring the patience out in everybody when I was a kid. :) O.k. who am I kidding? Just ask Lynn. I bring out the patience in him too. LOL!! :)

It was a great Sunday though!! I love teaching!! I learn so much!!

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