Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ready for Girls Camp? I think!

Well, I have been packing all day and trying to get everything ready. I am just sending Benjamin out to the play house to find our pirate costume. So the girls will be able to have one costume for their skit. We are Pirates Seeking Treasure. It is going to be really fun. I am finally getting excited. I have 6 girls in my group. Just the right size. However, our High Adventure is horseback riding and they only have 6 horses available so they are splitting us up and doing one group in the morning and one in the afternoon. I wish they would just have the girls go without the adults, personally but I guess church policy is against that.

The men will be on their own. I haven't even prepared any meals or anything for them. They are truly on their own. I am hoping for some appreciation when I get back. However, I know better. Lynn actually taught me to cook so they won't starve to death.

When we were gone to Idaho, Mom and Dad (who have very green thumbs)did very well with our garden. In fact, my Zucchini plant is huge!!!! I just pulled 4 more this evening. Our corn and beans are growing well a long with our carrots (that the kids didn't pull while weeding) and our tomatoes and potatoes are doing well also. We even have a few raspberries this year. Not as many bees eating them this year. However, we have found our dogs are eating our produce!!!! They have never eaten them before. But they do now. Who Knew??

Well, I better get going. More to get ready. You won't hear from me for a week as I will be at Girls Camp. Have a great week. I will update next weekend. :) Love ya all!! :)

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