Friday, August 26, 2011

Klickitat County Fair Results for us! :)

Well, Britni entered about 12 pictures into the fair under the youth open category. Daniel entered his favorite sugar cookies with icing in the youth open baking category. I entered my favorite chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal chocolate chip craisin cookie, peanut butter cereal cookie and chocolate zucchini bread in the adult open category and Jacob yesterday had a prequalifier for 4-H dog show.

The results are in from yesterday!! Britni: 7 Blue Ribbon (1st), 4 Red Ribbon (2nd) and 1 White Ribbon (3rd)

Daniel: 1 Blue Ribbon (1st)

Mom: 1 Blue Ribbon (1st), 2 Red Ribbon (2nd) and 1 White Ribbon (3rd)

Jacob: 1 White Ribbon (3rd) He was 2 points away from a Red Ribbon!! Considering he has only been in the dog 4-H for 4 months and never trains his dog, that is pretty good.

This is just a prequalifier for Jacob. The real obedience, showmanship and judging show will be on Saturday. I told him if he wants to do better he should train her today. So far no training has been done. He's kind of a procrastinator.

I am very happy with all the results and so are the kids!! It was so much fun just to enter. I don't really care about the ribbons because I know my food is "Good Mood Food" :) That is all that matters!! :)

It has been quite a busy week. I can't wait until Fair is over with!! But then school starts next week. :) Yea!! Have a great weekend. I'll keep you posted on Jacob's progress on Saturday! :)

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  1. You need to post your recipes for the craisin cookies and the peanut butter cereal cookies. I am always on the lookout for good cookie recipes. Congrats on all the wins!