Saturday, August 13, 2011

Back from Girls Camp Tired and Sore but Happy!!

Girls Camp was really nice this year. It was relaxing, spiritual and fun. We packed up Monday morning and headed to Camp Zarahemla which is by Clear Lake up past Yakima. It took us about 2 hours to get there. We unloaded the girls and got registered and then had our flag ceremony and then camp time to decorate the camp and get settled before all the activities. We were the Pirates seeking treasure. So I had some pirate decoration that we put up. Being the 4th year girls leader is great. They already know the basics and they are a great help with decorating or anything else I need. That night we had Singing Trees as our special spiritual experience. This is where each ward practices a song and then they go out into the woods in a circle and shine our light and sing our song then turn out our light and the next ward sings their song. It was a little crazy when the girls couldn't remember where they were going but then they found the path and led the way. :) It was nice. Then the 4th years did their star gazing certification. I had a great certification leader Aimee McCall who was on the ball. All the girls got certified this year. Yea!!

Then Tuesday night we had classes during the day that the YCL's either taught or had someone else teach. The classes were on Journals, being One in a Million, Individual Worth and etc. they were spiritual and great. We had 4 non members at camp and it was great to see them feel the spirit and ask questions. That night we had a special fireside with one of the leaders. It was on Seeking good things.

Wednesday we had more classes during the day. On the Atonement, fun modest dressing, enduring challenges, and eternal perspective. The afternoons usually had Kapers (chores around camp) and then Unit time and then certification time and then 3-4 hours of Free Time. There was canoeing and lots of fun crafts everyday. I made some really cute clipboards, journals, bookmarks, and magnets. :) That night was our Skit night. We decided to do our skit based on the book Henry and the Buccaneer Bunnies!! We were seeking Knowledge. It was great. The girls did a great job!!

Thursday was the day the 1st and 2nd years went on a 5 mile hike. The 3rd years did their orienteering and the 4th years did their High Adventure!! We went horseback riding. I have been on a horse before but never riding trails in the woods. It was quite the experience for me. I figure I was the entertainment that's for sure. I was on a pretty painted horse named Romeo. I can tell you he's no Romeo. He had a mind of his own. I am not aggressive enough to really control him but I survived. You see he liked to scratch his belly on little trees. Then he liked to go really slow down the embankments then liked to gallop up the embankments. He didn't like to be too far behind the other horses and trotted to catch up. (Can you say sore bottom?) :) Then he decided to go off the trail and in the process of trying to get him back on the trail, he hit a tree. But it didn't hurt him. I got him backed up. I think Grandmother Rayborn was helping. She always loved painted horses so I know she had to be there helping inept me out. :) After 2 hours of riding, I was pretty stiff and sore. I'm such a weenie!! :) But it was fun and beautiful scenery!!

Thursday night was also the night hike and testimony meeting along with a special talk by a member of the Stake Presidency. IT was a very long night. The night hike was really interesting. The YCL's act as women in history who overcame tragedy and challenges and seek for a better life. Doris Day, Mother Teresa, Marie Curry, and others. It was very interesting and spiritual. We also had a YCL explain what testimonies are and how we should bear them. So when testimony meeting came along there was actually not very many who actually bore them. I'm not sure if everyone was just so tired from the hikes and all the activities or if they just didn't feel the spirit by then. It was midnight by the time they had testimony meeting. Way too much to do in one day.

They also had activities like the Amazing Race, Canoe Races and other fun games to do during free time.

Friday we cleaned up camp and came home. We were home by 1:30 in the afternoon. It was fun but I am still tired. I'm sure it will take me a few days before I am back to my usual self again. I am still a little sore from the horse back riding too. :)

As soon as I got home it was busy busy to get Daniel and Jacob and Lynn ready for their Boy Scout over nighter. So I saw Lynn 2 hours then he was gone. But I am so happy that they got home around 2:30 this afternoon. It's so nice to have everyone home and to be home!!

I am starting to get really sleepy. I better get going. Have a great Sunday!! Love you all!!

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  1. It sounds like a really great girls' camp! Glad you had fun.