Monday, July 18, 2011


The next few days will be preparing our house for us to leave on our yearly family vacation to the Dairy Farm. The kids are very excited. We will be seeing lots of cousins and family and friends. Britni will be going to EFY all next week at BYU-I. She is very excited. She'll be staying on campus all week. While I get to go shopping with my niece Kimberlie!! :) And I get to see college roommates too. Yea!

Daniel and Britni survived the trek with no blisters or injuries!! Yea!! I am so happy for that. They said it was really hard but they enjoyed it. They met new people. Daniel had a cute girl in his "family" which always helps. Britni had a good time as well. She always finds the cute boys. ;) They had spiritual moments at the end. Daniel said our parent letters "almost" made him cry. While Britni said that they made her bawl. :) They are so tired right now. In fact they are still sleeping. I need to get them up so everyone will do their chores!!

Now time to make some phone calls and turn in my job applications this morning. Plus clean up the house. Have a great Monday!! Love ya all!!

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