Monday, July 11, 2011


This week is our Pioneer Trek. The kids leave on Thursday morning and will be back on Saturday sometime. The communication has not been very good.

The weekend was great. The boys did o.k. selling water. The location wasn't the best but they got a lot of donations for their D.C. trip. The Young Women's yard sale went very well. They earned over $500. Britni's basketball tournament was pretty good. It gave her some good experience. They lost on Saturday, their first game so she got to come home in time to help at the end of the Yard Sale.

I got a little sun. My upper arms are pretty red but they don't hurt which is good. Luckily my foundation had sunscreen in it so my face is fine. :)

We feed the missionaries tonight. I feel so bad for them the missionary calendar goes through the R.S. room and no one signs up. We signed up for today but I can't feed them all the time and next week we go on our Big vacation for the Summer. I wish more people would feed them. This set of missionaries look like they are 15 years old. Maybe it's just because I am getting older that they are looking younger. I hope when my boys go on their missions that people will feed them!!

Not much else going on. Have a super Monday!!!


  1. Maybe your boys will come to Utah. when the list goes around our ward, I think it only makes it to 5 families and it's full so if you aren't one of the first ones to see the sign-up, you never have a chance to feed them.

  2. Crystal you are absolutely right about the missionaries they do look like they are 15. It has nothing to do with your age, the girls thought they looked more like 12. Carmine