Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The weather has definitely cooled down. Brr!! At least it's sunny. I love Sunny!! Let's see Britni is done with Summer Basketball. She's happy. I think she was getting a little burned out with sports. She still has soccer practice whenever she is available but it is only 2 days a week. She is very excited for Trek. Which is tomorrow.

The boys are just being boys. Daniel will also be going on the Trek. I don't think that he is quite as excited as Britni. :) But he is learning that he can do Hard Things with the Lords help!! :)

Jacob has been subbing for Brian Golding's paper route. Today is the last day, Yea!! The first week was absolutely horrible. He had gone with Brian once so he could show him the ropes but Jacob doesn't always pay attention to everything. So there were comments like "I think we gave a paper to the house with the "W" on the garage?" or "Brian just gave her a paper but she wasn't on the list." That sort of thing.

Last week was much better. It went way smoother. We didn't miss anyone. Daniel helped out which helped a lot!! So this week should be a piece of cake right? We'll see. I am glad to know that after this experience my boys don't want to have a paper route. If we lived in town, then maybe. But since we live 3 miles out of town, we have to drive the paper route.

Not much else going on. Just another busy day. We will be enjoying the women's Soccer game this morning though. As long as the kids get their chores done. :) Have a super day. :)

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