Friday, July 15, 2011

Decisions, Decisions, and More

Well, we are going through a decision process. Well, Lynn says it's my decision process. You see there are 2 jobs as Legal Administrative Assistants that I really want to apply for. However, they are full time positions. We could use the extra money but to me working is more than money. It's a feeling of accomplishment that you feel knowing that you are helping the family. It's truly enjoyable for me to type and do secretary stuff. I always have loved my secretary jobs. It's meeting people and helping people. It's learning new skills. However, I'm also a little scared. It has been 15 years since I have worked. I have decided that applying doesn't meant that I will get either job. You see I know of someone else who is applying for one of the jobs and she is better qualified than me in that she has been in the work force recently. All the other jobs that I have applied for I haven't even gotten an interview. Who says I'll get one now?

I keep saying that if the Lord wants me to work, then an opportunity will come along and I will work. But I have to do my part in order to have those opportunities to come along. Well, that is my decision process. I have prayed about it and have not necessarily gotten a no but I haven't gotten a resounding yes either. I wonder if my fears or hopes are getting in the way. Sometimes they do.

Britni and Daniel are on the Trek. I'm sure they are having a fun time. I'll find out tomorrow night.

The little boys are getting chores done and playing with friends. I asked them if they want to do anything special but they don't. I would think with older brother and sister gone they would want to do something fun but it doesn't seem to be.

Time to get to chores and job applications, I guess. Have a super day. :)

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