Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow Daze!!

This is day 3 of no school for the kids because of the snow/ice. Wednesday it snowed a lot. I will include a picture. We got between 12-14 inches. Then it started the freezing rain. When you live in the Columbia Gorge, you get freezing rain and wind. At least with the freezing rain there is minimal wind!! It's just very slick outside. Here is a picture of our pour trees. They are so weighed down with the ice. We have had a few limbs break off. Lynn's comment "That's one way to trim the trees." It scared out dog half to death. She barked at that limb for quite awhile, thinking the THE SKY IS FALLING!! The kids have fun trying to walk on top of the snow because of all the ice. Samuel is the only one light enough to actually do it. What is interesting is our fat dog is able to do it too. I guess she isn't that fat after all if she can walk on top of the snow. :)

At least we have power. A couple days ago we had 2 hours of no power. It was just starting to get cold in the house when the power came on. I hear my brother in Seattle area has no power and hasn't had it all day yesterday and into today too. He is a lucky man though, he has a generator and heater. We are very blessed indeed to have power.

Now to get the kids busy with their chores! Have a safe and warm day.

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  1. Wow! We haven't seen much snow at all this year. I know you hadn't before this - nothing like having it all at once!