Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Finally Snow!!

Yup that's right. It is snowing right now. This very minute as I am typing. I am actually glad for the snow. I was getting really worried about the fact that we have had very little moisture this year. The down part of it is, I'm suppose to go walking with my girlfriends this afternoon. I hope they don't cancel on me. As long as it's not icy we should be fine. Walking in the snow will be fun.

I also apologize for not writing last week at all. I am trying a new cleaning schedule. So every morning I am to be cleaning. In fact, I should be in my bathroom cleaning right now. I decided to take a few minutes to write before I began. The house is much cleaner. At least I am working on that. I keep rearranging things though. The kids are going nuts. Everyday Benjamin will walk in first and say where did the ___________ go? Then he searches until he finds it. Or he says "so you moved that over there??" I think that I am becoming more organized and they think I have OCD. In fact, I heard Britni ask her Dad if I had OCD!!! hehe!! Little do they know that this is actually helping me make it through the January Blahs!! I haven't had any depression this month. I go walking outside with my friends, twice a week. I have been working on a "couch to 5K" plan. I am really liking it. Even the pain!! And I am staying busy!! That is a big help right there.

We had a different type of "goal" lesson last night for FHE. Lynn gave the lesson and asked each of us to write down our hopes and dreams. I have quite a few. Lynn told everyone that he is sure that "tile" will be on my list!! hehe!! It was but put in a general basis of renovations to the house. Benjamin's was the saddest I think. I don't know if he was embarrassed to write anything down or if he just couldn't think of anything. I will have to take him on a Mommy/Son date and find out for sure. All he wrote down was to have better handwriting. Which is a great hope and dream and an achievable goal. The other kids talked of good grades or straight A's. Going on missions or going to the temple. Fulfilling Priesthood duties, etc.

I had down first thing to have our kids go on Missions and marry in the Temple. then I had that I want to be a Temple Worker. Lynn was surprised by that. I don't know why. I thought he knew that one. Travel with my husband and friends, go on a mission with my husband, renovate the house, and have eternal life with my family.

Lynn's was kind of sad also. His main goal is To get out of debt!! Then to donate to lots of causes like humanitarian aid and pef and etc. To have his calling and election made sure and live eternally with his family. That was it. Nothing for the right now. Nothing temporal. Maybe I should take a hint and not care about the house renovations. But I really want carpet that hasn't been spit up on!! Is that too much to ask for?

Anyway the one thing that all the boys did not put down was "BE AN EAGLE SCOUT" Daniel is close. He's a Star Scout right now. Our problem is that we don't have the resources and leaders to get the kids through the scouting program.

So last night was very enlightening to say the least. AND it is snowing even harder now. Best check my e-mails and then get to cleaning that bathroom. Enjoy your day.

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