Monday, September 13, 2010

Quick Note

Just a quick note to let you know I am still alive. Last week was just really crazy. With Orhodonist appointment for Benjamin that was last minute and sports practices. Benjamin's first Soccer game. He did a great job. He comes up to me after he was subbed out and says " I didn't realize how much fun Soccer games are!" He is so cute. He turns 8 years old on Friday. We are having a Soccer Birthday Party for him and his friends.

This will be another busy week. Daniel's first Football game on Thursday. It's an away game. Then we have Britni, Jacob and Benjamin with Soccer games on Saturday. One right after another. We will be spending all day at the Soccer fields.
Britni has an eye Dr. Appointment on Wednesday and Benjamin has another Orthodonist appointment on Thursday!! The last one hopefully!! All these Orthodonist appointments are a pain. Especially when you have to drive to The Dalles to go to them. Last week I had to drive to Hood River for a 5 minute appointment. (That's an hour one way of driving). Oh well, at least his teeth will be fixed eventually.

Have a super day Everyone!! I love ya lots!!

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