Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Let the summer begin and other thoughts

Today is the first day of Summer and it finally feels like it. It's only taken like forever. Even yesterday with the 40 mile an hour winds (o.k. I exaggerate) But it was really hard. It was a cold wind which caused me to be cold wearing a jacket all day. This morning I woke up hoping for no wind. I hate jogging in the wind. I hate hills too and I have both. But this morning it was a calm, sunny morning. My friend, Teri Gilk, came and Britni and Teri and I went jogging. Teri is injured so she did very little jogging but once she gets to the Chiropractor then she will be unstoppable and beating Britni and I. Today I pushed myself to 3 miles. I still had to walk up 3 of the 4 hills and I had around the same time as the 5K that I did a month ago. So I haven't gone backwards but I haven't improved my time at all. But I have improved my mileage. Small baby steps is what I have to take or I will not keep doing it. So my baby step today is the 3 miles instead of the 2.5 that I have been doing. My body really hurts though. I have found that if I eat refined sugar that my body gets arthritic type symptoms. I have been eating sugar for the past couple of weeks. And I now hurt a lot. So I am back to Sugar Free and I will be the rest of my life I have decided. I need to go buy some sugar free pudding cups. I still need to have my treats. I am so glad that there are so many options for sugar free now days. It makes it so much easier to do this. It will take about a week to get it all out of my system though. But I am not going to quit exercising. I have to do this. No Pain No Gain!! On the day that my husband was called as Stake President, a friend of mine called and said I want to give you a car. It's a 93 Honda Civic. Perfect for Britni to drive. She just has to learn to drive a stick. We found out yesterday that it will cost over $300 to fix the brake problem and it also needs new tires. But if that is all it is going to cost for Britni to have a car and be able to help take kids places when Lynn is gone then I think it will be worth it. We have already used it for this purpose. I hope that is all we are going to have to do to it right now. For a free car we can't complain. Jacob and Daniel leave for their Washington D.C. trip very early Saturday morning. (Like 1:30 a.m.) We are letting them spend the night (which they won't be sleeping at all probably) with some friends who are going on the trip so we don't have to take them to the school that early in the morning. They will be going to D.C., Philadelphia, Boston, and New York City. It will be quite an experience for my little hickster boys. :) I really wish that I could have gone also but it just cost too much. Maybe they will do it again when Benjamin and Samuel get older and then I will be able to go. Have a Happy Summer Day today!!!