Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Can't Believe Thanksgiving Already

Next week is Thanksgiving. Boy the past few months have gone by really fast. O.k. the whole last year went by really fast. I guess that is what happens when you are busy and having fun.

Britni, Daniel and Jacob have started Basketball practices. They are having fun and learning lots. Benjamin is learning lots by his mistakes lately. Samuel is very excited for the Christmas program at school. His teacher says that he loves to sing.

We had parent teacher conferences last week. I can't remember if I have reported on that yet. So here are the standings. Britni had hers several weeks ago. No surprise. Straight A's. Never any problem with her.

Daniel - needs to learn how to organize his schoolwork so he remembers what school work is due when and when his tests are. He still had A's and B's but he would have had worse grades if it wasn't for Britni writing his teacher a note on what Daniel wanted to do to get his grades up. Thank you Britni for always taking care of her brothers. Daniel also reads so much in class he is not getting his work done. Go figure!

Jacob - has better grades than Daniel. However, he needs to read more on his own instead of having his Mom and Sister read to him his AR book so he can get all his points by the deadline.

Benjamin - is a good student and loves to read but the teacher is concerned with his reading aloud. He is slow and guesses on words and doesn't read the right words. He'll get it eventually.

Samuel - is very cute and sweet. His teacher is impressed with his attentiveness during story time and how he loves to sing songs. She was concerned with his speech so we had him retested. But the therapist said that he makes common mistakes. He never had to talk much until this year at school. We all knew what he wanted so he never had to say it. I guess that is what happens with the youngest kid.

Overall we had very good conferences.

Now to prepare for Thanksgiving and then Christmas. Grandma Morgan is making the pies. I do the rest for Thanksgiving. I am glad because I am not a pie maker.

We hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving!!! Love to ya all!!

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